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How Autonomous Data Fabric Helps Credit Unions

Join over 100 Credit Unions who are already using Cinchy to accelerate their solutions

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Cinchy eliminates integration to help you build faster.

Over half the time and effort spent on any IT project is wasted on integration, or getting multiple applications to share their data. Our Autonomous Data Fabric does away with this by allowing apps to natively collaborate on data, instantly reducing build times.

Screen Shot 2020-04-15 at 10.34.27
Screen Shot 2020-04-15 at 10.34.27

The right tool for right now

This is exactly the sort of solution businesses are looking for in the wake of COVID-19. Everyone has been forced to create new solutions for our new socially distant society, and with the economic impact of the pandemic many IT departments are being asked to create these solutions while spending less than ever before. Data Fabric lets you accelerate priority projects without sacrificing build quality.

Smarter data

Data Fabric creates a network of interconnected data and automatically reorganizes itself to become more efficient as it grows, much like the way the human brain handles information. This lets you unlock intelligence from your data to build better experiences both internally and externally. When your data works seamlessly, your team can easily collaborate to discover new insights and deliver new business solutions.

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Universal access controls

Credit Unions, like most enterprises, have too many spreadsheets, too many applications, and a lack of cohesive data governance and controls. Cinchy’s Autonomous Data Fabric eliminates data copying and provides universal access controls to tame your data. You set who can read, edit, or otherwise access data down to the individual cell, and those permissions will remain in place wherever that data is used.

“From day one, we were impressed by how we could leverage Cinchy’s data fabric to immediately address the issues of distributing the COVID-19 relief program to credit union members. The team moved quickly from concept to live production in just one week.  Their Data Collaboration solution exceeded our immediate technology needs and provided for the complex reporting and governance required by the Government.” 

Ryan Graham, Chief Banking Officer at Concentra was impressed by Cinchy data collaboration speed to market and support.

Ryan Graham

Chief Banking Officer, Concentra

The new standard for

data architecture

Data Fabric is the first real evolution of data since the relational database appeared 40 years ago. For now, it offers a chance for Credit Unions to distinguish themselves from their peers by providing better data ownership and faster build times.


One platform, many solutions

Data Fabric is flexible and versatile. It can be used to build both internal and customer-facing solutions. Once data is connected to the Fabric, it can be leveraged in new ways. This means it is incredibly easy to adapt existing solutions into new use cases, as you won’t have to rebuild or integrate any of your existing codebase.


An end to integration

Data from existing systems can be connected to the Fabric once, and new data can be created directly on the Autonomous Data Fabric. This eliminates point-to-point integration, reducing cost and complexity (including real-time, batch, on-prem, cloud, legacy, and SaaS services) and allowing custom data-sync configurations. Benefits include faster time to market, lower costs, and improved usability.


Immediate impact, accelerating benefits

The Autonomous Data Fabric saves Credit Unions time and money right away by simplifying integration and speeding up delivery of your first project, with future projects becoming progressively faster as the Fabric grows. Data on the Fabric will be readily available to use in new scenarios, and your team can collaborate on data in real time to deliver results faster than ever before possible.


of Credit Union business

95% of Credit Union business users says it was easy to learn the Cinchy platform.


saved on IT expenditure

Credit Unions saved an average of 50% on IT expenditure when leveraging Data Fabric, starting with their very first project.


credit unions connected

Concentra Bank connected 35 credit unions to a Data Fabric, enabling distribution of $200M for COVID-19 relief. This was delivered with Cinchy in just 5 days. Read the case study.

Hear from our customers

Companies are already using Cinchy’s Autonomous Data Fabric to create new solutions.

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“With the impacts of the pandemic, it created an urgency to accelerate our digital transformation. With the help of Cinchy’s Data Fabric platform, we were able to rapidly offer a full digital loan experience that helped us stay competitive with our peers, scale appropriately and meet the demands for our members.”


Jeff Hayward

Chief Operating Officer, Weyburn

A Unique Approach to Data

Cinchy blends the unique capabilities of Data Fabric with autonomous data and active metadata to create the most powerful Data Fabric available. If you’re looking for a better way to approach data architecture, need to get new solutions to market faster than ever, and want to differentiate yourself from your competitors, there’s no better choice than Cinchy.

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