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Data-Centric Monthly | March 2021

From this month's session, ‘The Data-Centric Revolution: Stories from the Field and Lesson Learned' with Semantic Arts President Dave McComb

February was a big month for Data-Centricity! We saw more people than ever from across the globe attend our live learning sessions and binge Data-Centric content on Cinchy.TV — We never thought we would find ourselves in the streaming wars - but watch out Netflix! 📺 On February 20th, we hosted Dave McComb, the president of Semantic Arts and one of the godfathers of Data Centricity. We had over 135 IT executives join LIVE to learn some of his key lessons helping organizations like P&G, Goldman Sachs, and more adopt a data-centric approach to architecting technology. If you enjoyed this, we're talking with Dave again today from 1-2pm EST for: Disambiguation of Data Mesh, Data Fabric, Data Virtualization, Data Centric, Data Lakehouse, and Data-Driven. You can still register here.

🚨New Cinchy Learning Series Episode Alert 🚨 To kick off April, we're excited to welcome another legend in the space to the show on April 9th for "How the **ck (heck) do you build a Data Mesh?" Zhamak Dehghaniis the creator of the Data Mesh Paradigm and an innovative leader in distributed systems architecture and digital platform strategy. At ThoughtWorks, Zhamak is the Director of Next Tech Incubation NA and a Member of Tech Advisory Boards. — Team Cinchy

Data-Centric resources we think you’ll enjoy...

How Data-Centric Companies will have a Competitive Edge in the Digital Age

Competition is becoming fiercer, and consumers are becoming more savvy and demanding. Organizations that don’t embrace the data-centric mindset will eventually give way to nimbler, much more cost effective digital natives. Watch for an exclusive discussion between global leader in data-centricity, Dan DeMers, CEO of Cinchy, and Ruben Sardaryan, Data Strategist and founder of Infocratic.

Integration Sucks. Here’s HOW Data-Centricity helps.

For the past 40 years, applications have been at the center of everything. This has created a world where new solutions require custom access controls, lengthy integration projects, and LOTS and LOTS of data copying.

The Sun Revolves Around the Earth | Lessons for CIO’s, CTO’s, and CDO’s

"What if I told you that data is actually the center of the universe? And that there is only a singular universe? The reason we believe in the multiverse of applications is because we artificially created orbits around each one by making endless copies of data for every new universe that mattered to us."

PLUS: The Data-Centric Cartoon of the Week

“Data Centricity is the way to go! Separate your data from the code!” - Nancy Prabhakar, Associate Product Manager, Cinchy

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