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Learn how IT and architecture leaders are leveraging Data Fabric technology

Hear from our customers at our recent demo day at TD Tech Connect

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G2 Data Fabric Review Leading Vendor
What do you like best?

The platform provides a nice balance of structure around the definition of data relationships, but flexibility to model your data network in a manner that supports the use case. While the ultimate vision within the app is obviously geared at a fully integrated data fabric, it doesn't stop you from deploying it more as a toolkit that supports fit for purpose exercises along the lines of data profiling or workflow design.

My first couple of days working with Cinchy I built out a live representation of the data model that was implied under a project design, and found myself with a candidate network that highlighted a couple of key datasets which would support a level of elegance in our long term design. The visualization gets people's attention in a meeting, but it actually helps with data profiling in a sandbox style use case as well.

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G2 Data Fabric Review Leading Vendor
What do you like best?

Cinchy’s ease of use. The application is very easy to navigate, use and manage. The features are so vast, with continuous improvements and updates, which makes it a leading application to use in any organisation. It integrates well into other applications/systems, easy to embedd into new and existing business process and overall best-in-class for collaboration.


Cinchy can be used as the 'central fabric' of your data management hub, where you can begin to dyamically interact with your data in real time, cut, paste, slice and dice then share with other stakeholders. This means it can easily solve issues around entity relationships, hierarchy structures, master data managment and managing data governance workflows.

G2 Data Fabric Review Leading Vendor
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What do you like best?

The ability to create master tables and have it apply broadly across different 'rooms' or profiles which will help ensure the consistency and accuracy of information as it is utilized for different purposes. As well as the ability to visualize how all the data points are connected to each other.

G2 Data Fabric Review Leading Vendor
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What do you like best?

The ease at which Cinchy is able to demonstrate key connections and linkages to a variety of vastly differing elements from simple to multi-dimensional aspects with layers of information

G2 Data Fabric Review Leading Vendor
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What do you like best?

Work as a team with Cinchy developers to understand the capability of the Tool and practices well through different paths.

G2 Data Fabric Review Leading Vendor
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What do you like best?

Time to market was the highlight of our experience with Cinchy. We were able to complete a proof of concept within three months and integrate with our existing technology stack within three months as well. In addition, working with the Cinchy team was a great experience - the team was very passionate and professional.

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Reviews on G2 claim Cinchy as leading data fabric vendor to help reduce time to market and IT project costs
Tim Clark TD Bank claims Cinchy helps create efficiencies and help power new experiences.
Tim Clark
CIO at TD Bank

"We continue to build the bank of the future, we are always looking forward at new technologies like Cinchy that contribute to operational efficiencies and help power new experiences."

Mihai Strusievici, VP of Global IT at Colliers believes Cinchy leading data fabric vendor is a good way to decrease time to market.
Mihai Strusievici
VP, Global IT at Colliers

“Data Collaboration is changing the way we deliver technology solutions, significantly decreasing the time to market.”

Craig Gatten VP, IT at CI Investments claims Cinchy leading data fabric vendor solves a lot of challenges like analytics, business intelligence and workflows.
Craig Gatten
VP, IT at CI Investments

“Cinchy is a strategic platform for CI to collaborate on data. The platform enables us to solve a variety of different challenges and supports collaboration for Data Workflows, Advanced Analytics and Business Intelligence activity."


How the YMCA leveraged a Data Fabric to rapidly deliver a solution that allowed members to safely return to their facilities during COVID-19

“As a result of COVID, everyone has had to modify their work habits and be more open to quickly adopting technologies and products that they may have been hesitant to adopt before. It’s forced people to think and work differently, and they understand that it’s just the new norm. They have to be open to doing things differently in today’s day and age. It’s an opportunity to do things that we previously might not have been able to do, to accelerate solutions that people may have been resistant to.”

Craig Bradley - YMCA Greater Toronto.jpe

Craig Bradley

SVP, Information Technology, YMCA GTA


Concentra Bank connected 35 credit unions to a Data Fabric, enabling distribution of $200M for COVID-19 relief.

This was delivered with Cinchy in just 5 days.

“From day one, we were impressed by how we could leverage Cinchy’s data fabric to immediately address the issues of distributing the COVID-19 relief program to credit union members. The team moved quickly from concept to live production in just one week.  Their Data Collaboration solution exceeded our immediate technology needs and provided for the complex reporting and governance required by the Government.” 

Ryan Graham, Chief Banking Officer at Concentra was impressed by Cinchy data collaboration speed to market and support.

Ryan Graham

Chief Banking Officer, Concentra

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