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For Credit Unions

Eliminate the need for your business applications to manage their own data. Tap into the “power grid” of data by decoupling your data from your applications and shift to a revolutionary data-centric architecture.

What exactly is Dataware?

Learn about the platform that puts data at the center of everything you

do, without building data silos or integrations.

Make integration obsolete.

It’s time to change the way your organization builds apps and manages data. Learn how decoupling your data from your applications accelerates the delivery of business capabilities.


The top pain points Dataware solves

Data Silos on a Rampage

Fragmented data access across apps leads to hours of reporting, backlog, and a frustratingly slow user experience. Data needs to be at the center of your application design.

Increasing Integration Costs

Costs in copy-based integration and new app data capabilities can reach up to 50% of an organization's IT budget—and this number will only continue to grow.

Data Management Limitations

Current data practices require copying data across apps—data that may be old, unsecured, or require complex integrations from IT even for the simplest of requests.

Inconsistent Data Governance

With data silos growing, ensuring governance and control is an issue. Lack of data visibility, poor data quality, unsecured access, and non-regulatory compliance.

The benefits of Dataware

Accelerated application delivery

Elimination for application builders to build common data capabilities every time you build or buy an application, resulting in freed up IT capacity.

Real-time Data Collaboration

Data is shared across applications without building expensive and complex data integrations, unlocking the value of data from and for all applications.

Optimized data

A single UI for business users to access, change and originate data across applications and power-users to “self-build” enterprise solutions with the ease of use and speed of a spreadsheet.

Data level controls

Ensured control consistency where policies for data privacy, security, and granular access are embedded in the data itself and maintained directly by business owners.

“To me, the decision is obvious: either persist with data silos and the inefficiencies and waste they create, or do the right thing and have thoughtful conversations about the need for agility, insight, and speed that Data Centricity enables.”

- Neal Oswald, COO and SVP Concentra Bank

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Over 100 global organizations already use Dataware

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Dig deeper into what Dataware can do for you


Dataware changes the way you build applications through a data-centric approach, eliminating the need for apps to integrate their own data.


Case Study

Discover how Concentra Bank saved 50% in IT projects, accelerated the loan processing time by 4x, and increased loan data value by 10%.

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Dataware is the platform that’s leading that revolution and solving data complexity by decoupling data from apps.


Discover why data belongs at the center of your enterprise architecture and the advantages data centricity can unlock for your business.




Explore the three top problems data-centricity can help you solve—leading to increased business agility and reduced technical debt.



Learn how Concentra Bank used Dataware to build a closer relationship with their data and increase automated data loads 28% YoY.


Become a data-centric organization

Dataware is the future for how enterprises build apps and manage data to achieve maximum business efficiency. Learn how your company can join the data revolution.

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