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Partner with us

Why partner with us?

At Cinchy, collaboration is not just something we do with data. It's a heartfelt belief that the best outcomes are produced when people work together on common goals. Cinchy is dedicated to working with the world’s leading partners to advance data collaboration and help companies deliver technology solutions faster, more securely, and more cost-effectively than ever before. 


Our Partner Program welcomes a range of companies - from consulting firms and integrators to development shops and distributors of leading-edge technology.

Partnership models

Referral Partners

Introduce Cinchy to companies that are looking for a fast and affordable technology solution.


Partners are required to keep a healthy pipeline for opportunities and will be rewarded for every closed sale.

Reseller Partners

Solve complex business problems with data collaboration.


Partners will configure, integrate, and implement Cinchy using specialized domain knowledge and providing real value to customers.

Co-Creation Partners

Create solutions together to solve targeted business problems across various industries.


Partners will provide access to an integrated suite of complementary products and services to customers.

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