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The Cinchy Learning Series

Discover new content to help you learn more about Data Fabric concepts including roadmaps, best practices, demos and features from special guests. 

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Season 2 Covers Cinchy Data Fabric Learn

Data Mesh - Everyone is talking about it but who is actually making it happen?  Once you scratch beneath the surface several big questions emerge.


Join Cinchy CEO, Dan DeMers, and Data Mesh Founder, Zhamak Dehghani, as they tackle some of those questions head on. Feel free to bring your own questions as well, nothing is two big for this pair.

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The Data-Centric Revolution: Stories from the Field and Lessons Learned

Join Cinchy CEO, Dan DeMers, and our special guest, Semantic Arts President, Dave McComb, for stories from the field as they have helped some of the world’s most complex organizations adopt a data-centric architecture to accelerate delivery and dramatically reduce IT complexity.

How Early Adoption of a Data Fabric gives CIOs an Advantage

2021 will bring even more advances in technology. In this session, we’ll discuss how a Data Fabric gives a CIO a significant advantage in adapting quickly to the multiple business and technology challenges. Join Dropbox CIO Sylvie Veilleux with Cinchy CEO and Co-Founder Dan DeMers for an interactive session on what a CIO should look at in 2021.

How Catalyst.EARTH Built the Global "Data Mesh" for Earth Data Intelligence

Join Cinchy CEO and Co-Founder Dan DeMers with special guest Mathilakath (Sharan) Sankaranarayanan, Managing Principal, Data & Digital of Capco, for an interactive session where they break down the myths around data-centric architecture and the Data Fabric.

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