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Dataware for Zero-Copy Integration


Start here for everything you ever wanted to know about Dataware but were too afraid to ask.

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What exactly is Dataware?

Learn about the platform that puts data at the center of everything you do, without building data silos or integrations.

Dig deeper into what Dataware can do for you


Discover why Dataware is different from other data management solutions and how moving to data centricity can improve your IT capacity -- bringing agility to your business.


Case Study

Discover how Concentra Bank saved 50% in IT projects, accelerated the loan processing time by 4x, and increased loan data value by 10%.

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Dataware is the platform that’s leading that revolution and solving data complexity by decoupling data from apps.


DATAcated Conference

DATAcated is bringing together a dozen data leaders to talk about data use cases across various industries (delivering 10-min lightning-talks).

Join the event and watch Cinchy's dataware sessions!

Demystifying Data Fabric, Data Mesh, and Dataware

Dan DeMers
CEO and Co-Founder Cinchy

A CIO’s View on Paying IT Forward

Sylvie Veilleux
Strategic Global Technology Leader, CIO and Board Director

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