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A CTO’s Perspective on Series A

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

Cinchy CTO Karanjot Jaswal showcases Cinchy leading data fabric for Series A funding success

We’re all ecstatic about our Series A funding here at Cinchy. As CTO and co-founder, when I think back to all the technology advancements, all of the obstacles we had to overcome, all the new solutions we had to create—it’s easy to say this feels like a major victory. And it is! But in many ways it’s also just the beginning. When I look at the road ahead, I see how much more we have left to do...

And I can’t wait to show the world what we’re capable of.

It’s absolutely incredible to picture how much is still ahead of us. I’ll be using some of our new investment to continue to revolutionize how companies use data. At Cinchy we want to have our technology transform the way the world works. As exciting as that is, it’s also certainly going to be a lot of work. But nothing great is ever easy, and I think this Series A funding is some serious validation that Cinchy is something great.

Building for the future

Our immediate goal is helping our customers’ businesses find success in the post-COVID world. Because Cinchy eliminates the high costs and long timelines of traditional data integration, our clients can continue building new solutions regardless of market conditions. And what do you think will happen as they continue to build when everyone else can’t afford to create new solutions? They’ll come out of this crisis with a clear lead over their competition.

Join us every Thursday for our Data Fabric learning series as we discuss Data Fabric concepts, roadmaps, best practices, and demos, alongside special guests.

Here’s how it works: instead of ongoing data integration projects, Cinchy’s autonomous Data Fabric uses a network-based design to turn data integration into a one-time thing. Connect a data source to Cinchy, and that data will work with the data each and every other source connected to your Data Fabric. When building a new solution, you connect only what you need and leverage the rest from what’s already on the network.

Think of building a new business solution like a construction project. Under the old paradigm, every new project was like building an entirely new house—sure you might be able to reuse some blueprints, but you still had to take the time to build the whole thing from the ground up. With Cinchy, building a new solution is like adding a new room to your mansion. You take what you already have, and you build something new off of it.

It’s a radical shift in the way data works, but we fully believe it’s the only way to meet today’s demand for increased IT productivity at a decreased cost.

Expanding the Data Fabric market

But it’s not just about us; as we grow, so does the Data Fabric market as a whole. A rising tide lifts all ships, as they say. And honestly, that’s one of the most exciting parts for us. Any Data Fabric technology is better than today’s current paradigm when it comes to control and privacy, and if we want to change the world (and we do) we need to see Data Fabric (and not just Cinchy) become the new norm. Only then can we have a world where data is finally under control, and personal data finally, truly, protected.

And in the end, that’s what Cinchy is really all about.

To help us achieve all of this, we’re adding more world-class talent to our team. And that isn’t easy! Not to brag, but there just aren’t a lot of people who are capable of doing the work we do. They use the term “unicorn” to describe someone with a particularly rare set of skills, and the Cinchy team is basically a whole stable full of unicorns. Part of our funding will be spent growing that stable, so we can support the growth of our business as a whole.

As we grow, we’ll create new collaborations, partner projects, and marketing opportunities to help us build both our own brand and the Data Fabric market as a whole. And everything we do will focus on the end-user, enhancing the customer experience from end to end.

That’s a whole lot to work on and I’m excited for every bit of it. It’s incredible for me to look back at my first few discussions with co-founder Dan DeMers and all those exciting ideas we had, and to see how much we’ve accomplished in just a short time. But it’s even more incredible to look at the road ahead, and see how much more we have left to do.

Now if you’ll excuse me; I’ve got technology to build!



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