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Data-Centric Monthly | February 2021

We're excited to have you aboard for our monthly newsletter! The Data-Centric movement is gaining momentum globally as IT leaders begin to understand what you already know... Data-Centricity is the key to the future survival of our organizations.

In exciting news, work has started on the development of a new “Zero-Copy Integration” standard which is set to change the way we build new digital services by eliminating the need to replicate data. While this was initiated out of Canada, its implications are universal. This will significantly reduce the risk of data privacy breaches by having a single source of truth.

Today, I’m thrilled to be joining Dave McComb, one of the godfathers of Data-Centricity. Dave will share stories and lessons from his work helping some of the world’s largest organizations transform into Data-Centric organizations. If you can’t make it live be sure to watch the on-demand recording on!

Also this month:

  • Three helpful articles to better understand how you can make the shift.

  • Two must-attend events (including one about Earth data 🌎)

  • Two foundational learning videos from our library.

  • And more…

Enjoy this month’s read! — Dan, Co-Founder and CEO, Cinchy P.S. Feel free to connect with me on Linkedin!


How Concentra is Leveraging Data-Centricity to Manage Their Business Guest Blog by Concentra Bank “Our data volume has increased 110% YoY, our automated data loads have increased 28% YoY, and we have 128 users on the platform (more than 1/3 of our staff).” 3 Reasons You Need to Move Away from an App-Centric Architecture By Dan DeMers, CEO, Cinchy Have you ever asked yourself what is the single largest contributor to the IT challenges you’re faced with? From our perspective, the problem lies mostly with the App-Centric approach we've been relying on for the last 40 years. We’ll look at the top three challenges facing IT leaders and share what you can do about them. Why and How to Adopt a Data-Centric Architecture By Robert Sheldon, TechTarget Data has become one of the most valuable assets in the enterprise. IT teams must make changes -- both culturally and technically -- to ensure their strategy reflects that.


The Data-Centric Revolution: Field Lessons with Guest Dave McComb Hosted by Semantic Arts and Cinchy Feb. 18th | Want to learn what works and what doesn't when transitioning your organization to a Data-Centric future? Join our CEO, Dan, and our special guest, Semantic Arts President, Dave McComb, for their lessons learned from helping some of the world’s most complex organizations adopt a Data-Centric future.

CATALYST.Earth | Leveraging Data-Centricity to Accelerate Key Priorities Hosted by CATALYST.Earth and Cinchy Feb. 25th | Join Cinchy & CATALYST.Earth to uncover how Data-Centricity is being used to disrupt the Geo-Imaging industry by unlocking unparalleled access to data.


Zero-Copy Integration and New Governance Standard to Be Developed

By Bernise Carolino, Canadian Lawyer Magazine

The CIO Strategy Council has initiated the development of a national data governance standard called “Zero-Copy Integration” which seeks to offer organizations a way to build new digital services without needing to replicate data.


How Early Adoption of a Data Fabric gives CIOs the Advantage

Co-Hosted by Special Guest, Dropbox CIO, Sylvie Veilleux

In this session, we discuss how a Data Fabric can give CIOs a significant advantage in adapting quickly to business and technology challenges with Dropbox CIO Sylvie Veilleux and Cinchy CEO and Co-Founder Dan DeMers.

Best Practices for Transforming Your Organization to Data-Centricity

Hosted by Dan DeMers, CEO, Cinchy

Cinchy CEO, Dan DeMers, and Director of Change Management & Training, Fatima Kaba, provide an overview of strategies to start moving your organization towards Data-Centric practices and mindsets.


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