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Product Update | March 2021

Important product updates, tips, and other helpful resources.

Feature and Capability Updates

Spatial Data Types Enable Next-Level Intelligence Within Cinchy, you can now create spatial tables with geography and geometry column types using the (WKT) representation of these objects. Columns also have the option to be indexed in the advanced settings on the column itself. We’ve included more information to help you understand how you can leverage spatial data types in our documentation below.

Metadata-Driven Form Capabilities Sometimes a table just won't do the job. Cinchy provides an angular application which was built using Cinchy to convert any table to a Metadata-Driven Form. This functionality provides you with a new way to collect and collaborate on data on your fabric. If you’re curious to learn more about how this works, watch as our CEO, Dan DeMers, walks you through the creation of Metadata-Driven Forms in the Cinchy Learning Series.

Tips and Tricks

Improve Productivity With Cell Commenting Comments are an easy way to add additional context to your data to help accelerate your team's productivity. You can learn about everything you can do with cell commenting in the link below.

Additional Highlights

Building the Global "Data Mesh" for Earth Data Intelligence Have you ever wondered what your organization would look like if you put DATA at the center of your universe? In last week's session, we went deep with the CATALYST.Earth team to discuss how and why they built their earth intelligence platform using a Data-Centric approach.

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