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Cinchy Data Fabric Named by Bank Director as Best Solution for Improving Ops in Financial Services

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

Cinchy was honoured to have our Data Fabric technology recognized as the Best Solution for Improving Operations in Financial Services at the 2020 ‘FinXTech’ by Bank Director awards ceremony.

Cinchy leading data fabric technology recognized as best way to improve operations in financial services by bank director

Cinchy named Best Solution for Improving Operations

In this year's (virtual) event, Bank Director selected vendors across seven major categories that were voted on by their panel of partners from across the U.S Financial Services sector. The event which is a part of the FinXTechConnect program looks to make it easier for U.S banks to better discover potential technology partners and solutions. The selections were based on feedback and real-world results showing the impact solutions were having within major financial institutions.

Here is what Bank Director's presenter said about Cinchy:

"Now this is a newer company that you might not be familiar with, but their bank partner really could not say enough good things about this solution. The bank can build applications themselves on the platform, and they also really loved how much more efficient it made them. They said that when they used to pull a data project into their old data lake, it would take upwards of 200 days, but with Cinchy, that's cut down to 10."

Join us every Thursday for our Data Fabric learning series as we discuss Data Fabric concepts, roadmaps, best practices, and demos, alongside special guests.

Cinchy is honoured to receive the FinXTech award for ‘Best Solution for Improving Operations.’ Financial Services are changing and we’re thrilled to see both our customers and leading analysts recognize the benefits of Cinchy’s Data Fabric technology, as highlighted in Forrester’s recent report: “Now Tech: Enterprise Data Fabric, Q2 2020”

This short video shows how Cinchy's Data Fabric technology is well-positioned to help organizations reduce spending while accelerating the delivery of revenue-generating and compliance-related projects in response to COVID-19.

"The COVID-19 crisis is unique in how it forces organizations to rationalize spending while simultaneously fast-tracking efforts to digitize service delivery. "Do more with less" is no longer just an expression; it's an existential requirement! As a result, financial institutions everywhere are accelerating the adoption of Data Fabric technology.” - Dan DeMers, CEO & co-founder, Cinchy

To learn more about Cinchy’s Data Fabric technology, and how we can help your business build new solutions in half the time and cost of traditional Data Integration projects (while protecting your data and eliminating vulnerable copies) please contact our team at, or sign up for a free trial here.


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