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Cinchy Data Fabric recognized in “Now Tech: Enterprise Data Fabric” report

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

Cinchy recognized among top data fabric vendors for data collaboration and reduce data silos in applications

Cinchy Inc. has been included among 20 Data Fabric vendors in Forrester’s “Now Tech: Enterprise Data Fabric, Q2 2020” report that was published on April 16, 2020. The report was written by analysts Noel Yuhanna with Gene Leganza and Daniel Weber. Data Fabrics have received increasing attention from analysts for their ability to combine data management, data protection, and data governance for large, highly-regulated organizations such as banks, insurers, and healthcare agencies. The technology integrates a variety of data sources, from legacy systems, SaaS applications, and AI/ML tools to people working directly on the data itself. Data Fabrics are used to support the delivery of “digital transformation” projects such as 360 customer views, predictive analytics, process automation, service personalization, and the rapid deployment of new customer experiences.

Join us every Thursday for our Data Fabric learning series as we discuss Data Fabric concepts, roadmaps, best practices, and demos, alongside special guests. Network effects for solutions delivery When new data sources are connected to Cinchy they are integrated within a logical network of datasets and become instantly and securely available to all future project teams. This unique design results in compounding speed and efficiency as data integration is steadily eliminated from the solutions delivery process. The Data Fabric also acts as a single source of truth for the entire organization which makes it possible to democratize information, set universally-enforced data access controls, and automate data governance.

Above: Cinchy’s Data Network Visualizer provides Data Architects with a 360 view of their enterprise Data Fabric

“Cinchy is proud to be a part of Forrester’s “Now Tech: Enterprise Data Fabric, Q2 2020” report which adds significant validation to our position that fundamental change to data management and data protection is inevitable. Data Fabric technology is a key component of our enterprise Data Collaboration Platform and the engine that helps save our customers up to 50% on major projects out of the box and gets even more secure and efficient with every deployment.” says Dan Demers, CEO and co-founder of Cinchy.”

About Cinchy Cinchy is the World’s first Data Collaboration Platform built for the enterprise and represents the biggest shift in enterprise technology delivery since the relational database was launched in 1979. Highly-regulated organizations like banks, telcos, public sector agencies, and healthcare providers use Cinchy to deliver hundreds of real-time solutions with universally-enforced Data Protection in half the time and cost of traditional application builds. Cinchy was voted ‘Best of Show’ at Finovate NYC by 1,500 financial influencers and won ‘Top Pick’ at TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco. The Post-App Era has begun and Data Collaboration is the ground-breaking approach that’s leading the way. Learn more at For additional information, please contact: Jo-Ann Blondin Director Revenue Marketing Cinchy 1-844-424-6249 or 647-725-3351 x727


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